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Senior Software Engineer

Antonis is a senior software engineer / researcher, with 15 years of experience in RTD European funded projects working for the university of Athens (NKUA) and the ATHENA Research Center. 

Antonis holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Athens, Greece.  His professional experience consists of several years of employment as a Software Engineer and Software Architect in several R&D projects funded by the European Union (DIAS, DRIVER and OPENAIRE series of projects, ESPAS, OpenMinTeD, eInfraCentral, CatRIs, and EOSC Enhance) or by the national government (KATOPTRON). 

The systems he has designed and implemented are heterogeneous data integration and monitoring systems. He is experienced in managing all stages of large scaled distributed software implementation, starting from requirements analysis, up to development, testing, and deployment. He has been the technical manager of the ATHENA research team in the ESPAS, OpenAIRE2020, OpenAIRE Advance and OpenMinTeD projects. 

His research interests include Information Retrieval systems, Web Information Systems and Data Management and his technological expertise includes Java, XML, web related and mobile technologies. Since December 2021, Antonis is cooperating with OPIX with the aim to help design and build a platform that supports innovative analytics services, Natural Language Processing pipelines and Artificial Intelligence workflows.