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Consulting expertise
Meets AI technology excellence

Our vision

Shift decision making in public policy and business strategy by Big Data/AI solutions with the following unique characteristics:

  • They are not generic but have been co-developed by a 360 vision, multidisciplinary team to capture the long-term experience of expert consultants and embed them into their core mechanisms.
  • They are packaged into well-paved pipelines and workflows presented to consultant-users through ergonomic interfaces for top user experience and optimal effectiveness in insight exploration.
  • They scale up to vast amounts of data and a great variety of data genres and can be parameterised according to the particular peculiarities of the problem at hand.

OPIX is established by a partnership of a multinational consulting company, a research centre in ICT and four individuals, bringing an interdisciplinary approach to policy and business strategy.

Our corporate co-founders

Our team

Bringing years of experience on big data and artificial intelligence technologies, public policy, and private business strategy formulation.

Economist | Co-founder
Data Analytics | Co-founder
Text Analytics | Co-founder
Analyst | Co-founder
Data Engineer
Business Development and Solutions Delivery Manager
NLP/ML Expert
NLP/ML Expert
NLP/ML Expert
NLP/ML Expert
NLP/ML Expert
IT administrator

Gender Equality Policy

Promoting gender equality and diversity is a priority for Opix, as stated in our policy and mission.