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Interdisciplinary, accountable
policy advice and
business intelligence

Putting the disruptive effect of big data for decision making in practice.

A one-stop-shop for high quality expertise in big data / AI technologies, public policy and business intelligence.

We specialize in policy and strategy advice for public organizations and institutions. The human capital of OPIX has been working with policy makers for many decades, in the entire spectrum of public policy consulting: from strategy / programme / policy design to the implementation, monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment phases.

Using increased data availability (open or proprietary) and computational affordance, we collect, clean and merge (big) data, extract information from unstructured documents (NLP), turn it to insights / facts / evidence (Machine Learning) to support all phases of policy or business: formulating the problem, exploring possibilities, providing solutions.

  • Strategy and policy design

    The strategic planning process enables institutions to contemplate the future and how to get there. OPIX provides professional strategic planning services to public organisations and local authorities increasing and supporting the implementation of sound and timely policies in established areas, as well as in the process of green and digital transformation. Our approach is to help reinforcing the ability of public services to operate in a strategic manner and implement programmes and policies that are structured on diagnostic procedures over their environment. The services offered include the development of strategic documents, policy and programme drafting, roadmaps, action plans development, as well as public organisations development and restructuring.

  • Policy and programme evaluation

    The OPIX team  has extensive experience in programme and policy evaluations in Science and Technology, Regional Development and Industrial Programmes, in a variety of sectors, at national, regional and EU level. We offer a broad range of evaluation activities (ex ante, real time, ex post) undertaking a structured approach and using a theory-based approach, founded on the idea that there is a linked chain of logic that shows how an intervention is expected to produce immediate impacts and how they connect to the longer-term effects and eventually the realisation of programme or policy objectives. We link inputs to outputs, outcomes and impacts, using as evaluation criteria relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and added value.

  • Studies, foresight and technical assistance

    OPIX undertakes studies in Science Technology and Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Regional Development and Cohesion, Labour Market and Social Policies as well the Digital and Green Transformation and Foresight. We support policy makers at regional, national and European level to face challenges, adapt and move ahead by providing insights, developing metrics, advising on access to finance and help design and implement support mechanisms.

    The OPIX team  also provides technical consultancy to local, regional and national authorities for the organisation and implementation of European Structural & Investment and Recovery & Resilience Facility funds.

  • Business intelligence

    The OPIX team customises in-house Business Intelligence tools to address your needs, by transforming related data into information, information into knowledge and with repetitive identification turning knowledge into Intelligence. Using big data services and NLP/ML tools, we help you:

    • Collect the right data by extracting information from multiple sources (big volumes of documents or databases).
    • Analyse data by synthesizing useful knowledge from larger collections.
    • Assess the risks by helping you weigh the current and future risks, cost or benefit of taking one action over another, or making one decision versus another. 
    • Decide by presenting the information you need, when you need it, in a form you may understand (via tailor-made dashboards).

Bringing expertise in sectors

  • Research & Innovation
  • Enterpreneurship and industrial policy
  • Green/circular economy
  • Digital transformation
  • Health and life sciences
  • Labour market and education
  • Regional development and cohesion
  • Agro economy
  • Creative industries

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