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Quality Policy of OPIX P.C.


OPIX P.C. is certified ISO 9001.

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The Management of OPIX P.C. is committed to the:

  • Full coverage of customer requirements in every transaction with the company.
  • Continuously improvement of the products' quality which provides to its customers in order to meet their needs as much as
  • Provision of all necessary resources for the implementation, maintenance of efficiency and constant improvement of the Quality Sys
  • Legal operation of the company, following strictly and without deviation anything that refers to the legislation and is related to its activitv.
  • Ensuring that quality policy and quallty objectives are defined and fully compatible with the Company's framework and strategic Quality objectives have been set and maintained as part of the internal processes, monitoring and reviewing the system with the ultimate goal of increasing customer satisfaction. Increased sales at all levels of the business while maintaining or increasing staff interact and work with high customer satisfaction, annihilation of complaints and non-compliance

Within the above framework, OPIX P.C. aims to the:

  • development and institutionalization of simple and flexible operating procedures,
  • standardization of working methods,
  • full compliance with the requirements of the quality system,
  • stability of the produced products' quality,
  • development of me.chanisms for early prevention and Identification of product quality and safety problems,
  • i-,proveinent and n-,odernization of the cornpany's o,ganlzationai structu,es,
  • increase of customer satisfaction.

It is believed by OPIX P.C. that the implementation of the Quality System according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015 will achieve the company's goals.

We firmly believe that the quality is achieved through the perfect organization of the company as well as by the analysis, recording, institutionalization and implementation of appropriate operating procedures that are faithfully followed by all, until the final result isproduced.

In our company, we declare that:

  • Quality is our outmost
  • Final product quality judges are the customers
The Administrator
Nikolaos Diakoniarakis

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About Us

Consulting expertise
Meets AI technology excellence

Our vision

Shift decision making in public policy and business strategy by Big Data/AI solutions with the following unique characteristics:

  • They are not generic but have been co-developed by a 360 vision, multidisciplinary team to capture the long-term experience of expert consultants and embed them into their core mechanisms.
  • They are packaged into well-paved pipelines and workflows presented to consultant-users through ergonomic interfaces for top user experience and optimal effectiveness in insight exploration.
  • They scale up to vast amounts of data and a great variety of data genres and can be parameterised according to the particular peculiarities of the problem at hand.

OPIX is established by a partnership of a multinational consulting company, a research centre in ICT and four individuals, bringing an interdisciplinary approach to policy and business strategy.

Our corporate co-founders

  • Technopolis Group

    Bringing a large network of policy and business consulting experts.

  • Athena Research and Innovation Center

    Bringing expertise in state-of-the-art (and beyond) technologies

Our team

Bringing years of experience on big data and artificial intelligence technologies, public policy, and private business strategy formulation.


    Economist | Co-founder

  • Prof. Yannis Ioannidis

    Data Analytics | Co-founder

  • Dr. Haris Papageorgiou

    Text Analytics | Co-founder

  • Natalia Manola

    Analyst | Co-founder

  • Sofia Liarti


  • Antonis Lempesis

    Data Engineer

  • Ioanna Grypari

    Business Development and Solutions Delivery Manager

  • Dimitris Pappas

    NLP/ML Expert

  • Aris Fergadis

    NLP/ML Expert

  • George Kountouris

    NLP/ML Expert

  • Sotiris Kotitsas

    NLP/ML Expert

  • Petros Stavropoulos

    NLP/ML Expert

  • George Bikas

    IT administrator

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Gender Equality Policy

Promoting gender equality and diversity is a priority for Opix, as stated in our policy and mission.


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