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European Commission’s 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC)

Posted on Jul 29, 2021

Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) is a European Commission initiative that supports 136 cities in using cutting-edge technologies for their digital transformation. The aim is that ICC cities and their local ecosystems will become the engines for the recovery of the local economy, in order to create new jobs, and strengthen citizen participation and wellbeing.

Opix is responsible for three Greek cities, Patras, Trikala and the Tripolis-Corinthos combined project, in order to assist them into designing and start implementing their digital transformation strategy. In this context cities receive one-to-one strategic advice from international experts on five thematic strands: green economy and local green deals, improving the citizen participation and the digitalisation of public administration, green and digital transition in tourism, resilience of local supply chains, up- and reskilling of the workforce. They are also supported by transversal services on open data, access to finance and public procurement for innovation. ICC operates a marketplace of innovative solutions developed and/or used in the ICC cities.